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We implement TV and Digital Advertising. In partnership with Euronews and its sister channel Africanews we offer tailored packages for a Premium visibility of your business to millions of screens worldwide, creating excitement in an ecosystem in ultra-affinity, capitalizing on unique assets. In our offer, successful TV advertising supplements digital marketing by reaching a massive audience and encouraging those people to seek information online.

GEO Investment System

Invest in Africa Now! prides itself as a matchmaking platform championing for connecting investors and businesses looking for equity and quasi-equity. Browse the project portfolio by category. You can also put yourself on the map here

Investor Targeting

We follow a structured sequence of investment promotion activities and work hand in hand with the client to facilitate quality investment transactions.

We implement studies and provide advice and capacity building, covering analysis of public policy, existing situation and prospects, stakeholder, value-chain and sub-sector ecosystems. We partner with fund managers in emerging African markets who deploy early-stage or early-growth capital to start-ups small and growing businesses and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Investment Events

We organise investment workshops, one-to-one meetings, conferences and forums. Our flagship event is the “Investment Pitches” session. We offer packages of TV, digital and print advertising, in partnership with world-class partners.

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