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Invest in Africa Now! will take advantage of the valuable methods and tools ATIGS 2018 is offering to make good on its promise of being a premier platform for connecting African markets to world-class investors. We seize such opportunities to advance our mission of bridging the funding gap for startups and early-stage SMEs in Africa. We will promote curated investment opportunities and identify suitable investors.

Currently, our portfolio of investment opportunities includes high-return projects in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt, the West Africa region and the whole of Africa. We feature projects for which we will actively be looking during ATIGS 2018 for potential investors. The following projects stand out:

Mobile Card Payment So-eZ : Aiming at inclusive finance this investment provides an easy to use payment system for customers in Africa, South-East Asia, India and Latin America. It caters to the unbanked in Africa, South-East Asia, India, and Latin America. It seeks to capture about 2.5% of a Sub-Saharan “mobile money” market estimated by the World Bank to be around 250 million users by 2020. The platform is expected to be first deployed in Côte d’Ivoire.

Trans Sahara Investment Corporation (TSIC) : A private equity firm headquartered in Nigeria that originates, develops and actively manages direct investments in Sub-Saharan West Africa. It aims to be the key partner driving the emergence of West Africa’s next great 100 businesses that serve the pyramid “bottom up”.

Port Notel Terminal Limited : Port Notel Ocean Terminal is a new, innovative, and widely anticipated solution for seaport optimization, designed and intended to provide a wide array of vessel and cargo services to a large range of users in the Gulf of Guinea.

Our team attending ATIGS 2018 will also identify investors for other projects in our portfolio of investment opportunities, as well as build working relationships and partnerships for later deals. For further information on the featured investment opportunities or others in our portfolio, we welcome enquiries.